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Hip & Knee Pain in Teays Valley

Hip & Knee Pain in Teays Valley

Your hips and knees are the largest joints in your body. While many people may experience hip pain or knee pain on their own, it is also common to experience them together as well. You may first notice hip pain on the outside area of the hip, along the outer buttock or upper thigh area. Hip pain can occur whether you are at rest, walking or during any other type of physical activity. Knee pain is another very common reason why people visit our physical therapist each day. In addition to chronic pain, other common symptoms of knee pain include stiffness, swelling popping, and general instability. Many physical therapy patients also find that it is difficult or even impossible to fully straighten the knee as well. If you are experiencing hip pain or knee pain, call our offices today to schedule a free physical therapy consultation.

What are the common causes of hip and knee pain?

Although the hip joint is very durable, it can become worn down over time due to age or overuse. As the hip joint becomes more worn down, you are much more likely to experience chronic hip pain. Additionally, a slip and fall can cause the bones in the hip to break and arthritis affects the cartilage in the hip as well.

Some other common causes of hip pain include:

Like hip pain, knee pain is often associated with the normal aging process or overuse. However, chronic knee pain can also be the result of damage to the bony structures that make up the knee joint like the fibula, tibia, and femur. Damage to the cartilage and ligaments can also send patients to the physical therapist in search of fast pain relief.

Other common causes of knee pain include:

Physical Therapy for Hip and Knee Pain

Hip and Knee Knee pain is one of the most common complaints that we see at Faith in Motion. Our clinicians can help you figure out what is going on and the best way to overcome it and get back to what you love doing!

Hip and Knee pain can occur with running, jumping, squatting, and many other movements! Our clinicians are movement experts that can help you conquer your hip and knee pain!

Faith in Motion can help you get out of pain. We have helped people in the Teays Valley area with all kinds of hip and knee pain, such as:

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