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Award Winning Physical Therapy in Teays Valley

Here at Faith in Motion Performance Therapy in Teays Valley, WV, physical therapy is done differently. We value your time and hard-earned money. We believe that being able to spend one hour, one-on-one, with your Doctor of Physical Therapy or sports medicine clinician, allows us to fully understand your condition and needs, while utilizing the appropriate current best treatment evidence and cutting-edge techniques to streamline your progress and recovery.

Our thoughts are that rehab should include a thorough movement assessment, skilled hands on manual therapy interventions, and one-on-one education in corrective exercises and activity modifications to help you enjoy your time doing the things you love while being free from pain.

It is critical to play an active role while healing from an injury and managing your pain. Avoiding activity and complete rest is NOT the answer to long-term healing. Our goal is keep you active and participating in the activity or sport you love throughout the rehabilitation process, return you to function pain-free, conquer your fear of potential re-injury, and allow you to return to what you love!

Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated

Sports Performance Injuries
Low Back and Neck Pain
Overuse Injuries
Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Injuries
Knee Pain
Hip and Groin Pain
Ankle Sprains and Strains
Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain
Elbow and Wrist Pain
Post-operative Musculoskeletal Conditions
And More
Conditions Treated

Services Offered

Manual Therapy
Dry Needling
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Movement Assessments
Sports Injury Rehabilitation
Injury Prevention
Strength and Conditioning
Wellness and Recovery
Massage Therapy
Infrared Sauna and Red-Light Therapy


15 minutes, FREE
Not sure if Physical Therapy is the right treatment for you? Take advantage of a complimentary screen of your condition. Have any questions or concerns answered prior to considering treatment.

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Exam and Treatments

60-minute session, one on one with your doctor
Initial Exam will include gathering a detailed past and current medical history, movement assessment, hands on treatment, and education on corrective exercises.

Sports Performance

60 minutes with a strength and conditioning specialist
As an athlete simply working out doesn't necessarily mean you are prepared for sport. Work with a professional to design a sports specific training plan to help you excel at your sport. Become stronger, faster, more powerful, and build confidence as an athlete during both the in season and off season.

Recovery Sessions

30 minutes
Dry needling, cupping, instrument aided soft tissue massage, stretching. Can be done in conjunction with your individualized Physical Therapy treatment or performed independently to promote muscle recovery and wellness.

Massage Therapy

60 minutes with our Licensed Massage Therapist
Therapeutic massage tailored to you body's needs for recovery and relaxation. We offer a variety of massage types, including options for specific medical conditions and for athletes.

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