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Sports Performance in Teays Valley

Sports Performance in Teays Valley

As an athlete, simply "working out" doesn't necessarily mean you're prepared for sport.

The purpose of training for athletes is not to just be conditioned. The purpose of training for an athlete is to be prepared;

That is what sets sports performance apart from general fitness.

Sports Performance in Teays Valley

Sports Performance Services

When training as an athlete you want a program that takes 3 things into consideration:
  1. Your sport - what movements does your sport involve? If it involves overhead movement, like baseball, you don't want a program that constantly puts you in the overhead position because you'll end up with an overuse injury.
  2. In season vs. off season - If you're in season that means you're practicing and playing games daily so you don't want to be overtraining certain patterns. In season volleyball player? you definitely don't want to be training plyometrics in addition to the amount of jumping you're already doing in your sport daily. Make sure you have a program that caters to the season you're in.
  3. Injury preparedness - training your tissues to be resilient by loading them in positions you're placed in in your sport, as well as positions you can't always prepare for. We limit the risk of injury while also building bodies that can bounce back from injury much quicker.

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